AG&M Anaheim Opens Distribution Center

May 24, 2016

Architectural Granite & Marble (AG&M) has opened a new location in the Anaheim Hills / Yorba Linda area of Southern California. The facility is designed to meet the demand for granite, marble, limestone, quartzite and soapstone countertops. The opening comes on the heels of the launch of AG&M’s new Metro Quartz countertop line, designer lines of vertical and horizontal tiles, expanded exotic natural stone offerings and stainless steel sink line

“Our indoor selection warehouse offers 185 colors in wide aisles that are well lit and offer personalized customer service,” said Jerry Salveson, general manager. “The variety of offerings within this setting, makes this a designer’s dream.”

AG&M Anaheim invites builders, designers, architects and the public to experience the new design center and slab area. 

The company celebrated the opening of the new location with a reception that allowed guests to get a first look at the onsite offerings.