Build.com and HomeAdvisor Partner to Provide the Full Spectrum of Home Improvement Support

July 10, 2015

Build.com home improvement destination has announced its partnership with HomeAdvisor, a local home services marketplace. This partnership creates a unique end-to-end user experience for Build.com customers and increases online visibility for HomeAdvisor professionals.

HomeAdvisor will be the exclusive marketplace for Build.com users seeking a full spectrum of home improvement support from inspiration to installation. Build.com users will have direct access to HomeAdvisor’s directory of pre-screened home professionals and the ability to hire a pro using a concierge service powered by HomeAdvisor to help them bring their home improvement projects to life.

“Partnering with Build.com aligns with our marketplace focus to instantly connect professionals to consumers to book their next job,” said HomeAdvisor’s Adam Burrows, SVP of Business, and Corporate Development. “We know Build.com customers are seeking everything from inspiration and tips to products that can improve their homes, and HomeAdvisor is uniquely suited to offer them access to trusted professionals who can help them ensure their projects are done correctly.”

Professionals in the Build.com network will also have access to join HomeAdvisor’s network of home service and improvement professionals. This opportunity helps professionals grow their business by connecting them with potential clients already shopping on Build.com.

“Our goal is to make Build.com the one-stop shop for homeowners and professionals,” said Chris Friedland, founder and president of Build.com. “This partnership will allow us to provide homeowners with the products they need and connect them to top-rated professionals, who can help make their home vision a reality.”

Later this year, HomeAdvisor’s newest tool, Instant Connect, will integrate into the Build.com purchase path. HomeAdvisor’s Instant Connect technology provides a seamless experience for consumers by connecting them on the phone to professionals in the HomeAdvisor network who are pre-screened, customer-rated and available. HomeAdvisor professionals undergo a criminal and financial background check and are customer-rated and reviewed.