Compotite Opens Two New Production and Warehousing Facilities

August 30, 2016

Compotite Corporation, a pioneer in the shower waterproofing industry since 1938, has opened two new production and warehousing facilities located in Dallas, Tex. and Lakeland, Fla.

“Compotite’s recent growth spurt, due in part to its recent introduction of the Linear Drain System and Shower Niches/Benches, has made it imperative to expand into additional warehouse space,” said Alan Hutchins, president and CEO. “Our new warehouses will allow us to expand inventory and fulfill orders to our customers with a greater level of efficiency throughout the entire country.”

Florida and Texas both have a long history with Compotite. The firm’s second-generation president, Andrew Morthland, spent much of his time in Florida working with authorities to update and change the plumbing codes to include membrane waterproofing. Later, his time was well spent in Texas, developing the market for Compotite and cultivating partnerships with some of the top tile suppliers in the area.

Each new warehouse occupies more than 10,000 sq. ft. of space and enables Compotite to provide employment for residents of the local community.