Dal-Tile Re-launches Four Brands

April 14, 2015

Dal-Tile Corporation has announced the re-launch of its family of brands – four influential brands that have been known and respected for years, but with expanded, improved and refined roles in the tile industry.  

In 2013, Dal-Tile Corporation completed the successful integration of the U.S. business of The Marazzi Group, giving Mohawk and Dal-Tile a leading position worldwide in ceramic tile. This integration brought together four leading brands – Daltile, American Olean, Marazzi and Ragno – that are ingrained in the tile and stone industry and valued among Dal-Tile’s core customers for their strengths in the market. With this growth came a challenge for differentiation by brand, product and channel.

“In the world of tile, it’s imperative not to blend into a sea of sameness, and that was the dominant driver behind the strategy of our brand development process,” said John Turner Jr., president of Dal-Tile. “We’ve worked diligently to differentiate Daltile, American Olean, Marazzi and Ragno from each other and from the competition. Our customers will notice there are no disruptive changes, but rather a dedicated focus on areas we know are vital to our success: brand identity, product availability, exceptional service, value to our customers and unmatched logistics.”

Dal-Tile’s intensive brand positioning process kicked off just over a year ago, beginning with hypothesis development, followed by a comprehensive assessment and validation that included voice of the customer research, internal and external stakeholder reviews and other components that helped inform decision-making. With the hypothesis validated, Dal-Tile had the foundation laid for defining each brand’s new position and creative identity.

“Each of these brands claims its own unique place in the market and each one’s identity reflects a differentiated personality, while remaining firmly grounded in its established legacy,” said April Wilson, director of brand marketing, Dal-Tile. “We’re so pleased to reveal the fruits of our labor – four powerhouse brands that hold four distinct places within the marketplace, and with a defined focus for success.”

Introducing the Dal-Tile Family of Brands:

Daltile: Imagine What’s Possible
With the most extensive selection of quality products that deliver on every style and trend inspired designs, only Daltile provides the confidence to design, build and enjoy the spaces in which we live, work and play, inviting customers and homeowners.

American Olean: Proven in Tile
For commercial architects, interior designers and contractors whose reputations depend on the relentless pursuit of excellence and relevancy in both form and function, American Olean is the indisputable brand of choice–known and trusted nearly a century for its incomparable commercial heritage and expertise, and outstanding tile and stone products.

Marazzi: Dare to be Bold
For savvy homeowners and designers looking to make a fashion-forward statement, Marazzi provides the captivating tile designs that integrate bold and sexy Italian style with the quality and service needed to create daring, fashionable spaces.

Ragno: Artfully Reimagined
Designed for tile aficionados, Ragno provides premium, innovative products that integrate true European tile craftsmanship, heritage, quality and service – with a modern twist.

Beginning in April, the new branding will be rolled out in Dal-Tile merchandising, advertising, signage, branded websites and more.