Villeroy & Boch Offers 5 Trends to Watch for 2015

January 8, 2015

Villeroy & Boch offers the cutting-edge bathroom design trends projected to be popular in 2015. In 2015, the prevailing coastal cottage trend gives way to lush luxury. With design directions moving away from traditional bathrooms in favor of a more modern aesthetic, form and function come together to create stunning spa-like escapes. An emphasis on personalization and bold choices presents both designers and consumers with an increased opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

Villeroy & Boch has identified these trends for 2015:

Soaking Tubs. Large soaking and freestanding tubs combine chic contours with visual serenity, making them the ideal centerpiece for any modern bathroom. Villeroy & Boch’s La Belle deep freestanding tub features clean lines and an ergonomic rectangular shape that communicates a sense of lightness and provides the perfect space to unwind and relax.  

Undermount Sinks.
Undermount sinks boast clean, efficient designs that pair perfectly with wall hung vanities or curvy consoles. Their sleek contours and seamless blend between countertop and sink create an uninterrupted surface that makes a striking design statement. 

Natural Beauty. Organic forms and neutral tones bring an earthy feel to a room that is both modern and luxurious. Incorporating natural materials such as stone or wood-like elements creates an inviting atmosphere with a stylish twist that invokes a sense of rejuvenation. 

LED Lighting.
Illuminated fixtures provide a sensible and attractive lighting solution for the bathroom. By incorporating the mirror and LED lighting into one sleek design, the progressive pieces are both beautiful and cost effective. The energy-efficient LED lighting elements integrated into the mirror of the My View collection provide customizable ambiance for individualized needs with three brightness levels and color ranges from Warm White to Cool White for optimal mood settings.

European Elegance.
European design combines minimalist styles with artisan craftsmanship to create cutting-edge products that are both functional and elegant. Their streamlined shapes optimize the use of a space and exude a contemporary character that adds an open feeling to a room.