Year-Round Outdoor Kitchens

August 21, 2015

                                            Photography by Coyote Outdoor Living

School is starting back and the days are growing shorter, but the appeal of the outdoor kitchen still continues into the cooler months of the year.

“In addition to warm-weather climates such as Florida and the West Coast, we’ve really seen year-round grilling take off in the Mid-Atlantic and North-Atlantic,” said Jim Ginocchi, president of Coyote Outdoor Living. “Consumers are now using their outdoor kitchens year-round, as opposed to just three or four months out of the year.”

With the recent popularity of outdoor kitchens, new technologies and designs have evolved to accommodate each climate and allow for clients to make use of their investments longer in the season.

Late August Heat
For those still suffering the humidity and heat in the Southeast, misting systems are an option to keep guests comfortable and dust out of the air. Before installing this system, keep in mind which direction the wind usually blows, how high the misters need to be and where the best placement is to minimize the potential for wood damage.

                               Artisan Fire Pizza Oven from Kalamazoo, http:kalamzoogourmet.com

In addition to keeping the area cooler when its still warm out, a fan will help keep airborne bugs away. Consider installing a bat box on the side of the home or using torches to also keep the bug population in check.

Late Fall Use
When it’s not yet too cold out, clients can use their grills for more specialty meals. Thanksgiving turkey or a ham can be put on the grill to help save room in the kitchen, and big brunches can be done on griddle accessories.

                Coyote Power Burner for frying turkeys or boiling lobster


Protect the outdoor kitchen by winterizing the water lines for icemakers, refrigerators and sinks. Stainless steel should be covered when possible, and countertops may need to be sealed. Most grills and pizza ovens, however, can be used in inclement weather and do not need to be winterized.

                          Palazzo series of outdoor fireplaces from Heat & Glo

Using the Space in the Winter
In nearly any environment, the outdoor kitchen can still be enjoyed even with a harsh winter. Propane heaters are an option, whether clients are using the space still to cook and eat or simply to spend time together. Firepits and fireplaces are a given, along with the added plus of a hot tub. Roll-up shutters or louvered doors can also help keep the chill out in warmer climates.

“It’s important for [designers] to do their research and consider the durability of the products they are buying when building an outdoor kitchen,” added Ginocchi. “Since the outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the extreme heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, it’s vital to the longevity of your kitchen to select products that can withstand the elements.”