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June 04, 2014

The unbreakable VacPort built-in dustpan with LED illumination is now in production for central vacuum systems. InterVac Design has revealed a sweep inlet valve that doesn’t require a spring to operate the mechanism, and the wide door lever makes VacPort easy for the customer to locate under the toe-kick in kitchen cabinets. Other features include:

- Two LED lights to illuminate the path of the dirt’s’ entry into the central vacuum system

- Available with LED (model A900) or without LED lights (model A910)

- Does not require heavy pressure to open and close 

- Lower lip for dirt entry is straight and rigid so dirt cannot collect underneath the lip

- Horizontal hose or pipe connection

- Just two small magnets hold the entry door in the open position

- No screw heads or open slot are visible

- Power requirements: 24 volt AC directly from the central vacuum to the unit

- Made in the U.S.

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