And Just Like That – KBIS 2022 Is a Wrap!

February 16, 2022

On our new From the Tap podcast, I spoke to CE Pro’s executive editor Arlen Schweiger and editorial director of DesignWell 365, Nicholas Boever, about all things KBIS 2022. Each of us had various perspectives from our industries, and our discussion covered everything from new products, trends, programming and the overall show experience.

We all agreed that the vibe at KBIS 2022 was amazing, as attendance far outpaced our expectations. Industry professionals were keen to be back in person – seeing and touching products – interacting with peers and attending presentations and programming up close and personal.

Everywhere you looked, there was something else to see, and some of the overarching trends included hygienic options for the unexpected like dishwashers and faucets that operate with a mere gesture – and bidets were EVERYWHERE. Wellness was prevalent in things like air quality, anti-microbial surfaces and more options for senior generations.

Several brands are taking sustainability seriously and offer options to cut down on water and energy waste. Technology – even if not fully integrated in a home – is growing in popularity, including quieter range hoods and garbage disposals, water and lighting control that makes the bathroom a spa-like retreat and appliances that are using AI to create usage patterns for things like cooking and clothes drying.

The KBB Editorial Advisory Board meeting also took place during KBIS 2022, and it was a platform for us to discuss solutions for dealing with supply-chain issues and managing customer expectations. We also covered wellness, technology and luxury and how those three movements have gained momentum during the pandemic.

On the last day of KBIS 2022, I led my annual (when we are in person) Discovery District Tour to introduce design professionals to upcoming brands that featured a bunch of innovative and simple options in appliances, heated flooring and bidets – among other products.

And finally, our podcast covered my interview with the 2021 KBB Person of the Year, designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon. Her selfless desire to help small businesses, colleagues and staff is a key attribute to her being chosen for the award.

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