ARAN World Wins Sustainability Award

November 23, 2021

ARAN World won the prestigious Sustainability Award, an important recognition, supported and promoted by Credit Suisse and Kon Group, dedicated to companies that push for sustainable economic growth, contributing to the well-being of the country and creating added value for the territory and for the community.

The importance of this award should be seen in a more general context, the ARAN World’s commitment of adopting proactive measures to efficiently pursue not only environmental policies but also social, economic and cultural policies.

The Abruzzi group has been showing its ‘green soul’ for years as evidenced by its manufacturing plants covered with photovoltaic panels, use of certified wood and recyclable materials, careful management of air emissions and waste disposal. Another example is the Oasi Kitchen, designed in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Architetti, which is a project, symbol of the human-nature relationship.

In addition to the big issues of the climatic crisis, the UN’s 2030 Agenda set a collection of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which also concern the social, cultural and economic sphere. Sustainability does not just mean protecting the environment, it also means creating conditions to ensure well-being and a better quality of life for future generations and improving inequalities through the development and economic and cultural growth of each territory.

The first company in the kitchen sector to receive this award, ARAN World has been investigated according to specific environmental, social and corporate governance criteria — the ESG criteria — which assesses the direct and indirect environmental impact, as well as the social impact and transparency policies, especially useful for investors. The company’s strong relationship with the Abruzzi territory, where it funds many cultural, sporting and training activities, and its international spirit are already well known — the latter enabled the company to obtain the confidence of foreign markets and to become the ambassador of Made in Italy in the world. 

ARAN World Sustainability Award

“It’s an honor for us to receive the Sustainability Award,” said Erika Rastelli, ARAN World’s corporate manager. “For both our territory and our employees that make efforts to make the company more and more sustainable every day. I think it’s an important recognition for all of us who work as a team, because we must not forget that our future is created by what we do today.”