BT45 German Kitchen Tailors Wins Best Kitchen Design Award

December 28, 2020

For the second year in a row, the German kitchen manufacturer BT45 has been honored with the prestigious Good Design award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. This time the prize was awarded the unique designer kitchen of marble, metal and textured wood.

The BT45 design team was inspired by the best secret agent of our time and designed a kitchen especially for him, hence the MI45 kitchen name after MI5 (British Military Intelligence, Section 5). The super-spy “007” is famous for his always perfectly tailored stylish and fashionable look. He seems to know how to do everything. And he always relies on the fantastic technology which lays somewhere in the haze between reality and fiction. Like the MI45 kitchen.

The most innovative German technology, exclusive materials and individual design are expertly combined to make the most sophisticated secret agent envious.

The BT45 designers Natasha Shtapauk and Freimut Stehling have used the Block Island design concept and combined it with the most technologically advanced features and accessories, including real brass facets. Blocks of African Saint Laurent marble look like they are magically levitating in the air, while the handleless drawers and bookmatched marble fronts are designed to emphasize the capabilities and technological superiority of the German manufacturing process.

Aside from its great looks, this kitchen also has a variety of gadgets, pivots and lifters, and hidden storage so all secret agents will be happy.

The MI45 kitchen by BT45 German kitchen tailors is currently displayed at the BauTeam showroom in Architecture & Design building in New York.