Gaggenau Club 1683 Hosts ‘Taste of Design’ Event Series

September 14, 2022

Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances and the Official Home Kitchen Appliance Brand of the Michelin Guides, has created a short film and event series called “A Taste for Design” exclusively for Gaggenau Club 1683 members and prospects. Devised to laud the intersection of architecture, design and the culinary arts, each event pairs a chef affiliated with a Michelin-starred restaurant with renowned architects, designers and spaces to discuss the cross connections between food, art, architecture, and design.

gaggenau panel discussion

Recently, Gaggenau hosted its “Taste for Design: Angelino Mélange” event in Los Angeles at the new The Kitchen at the Los Angeles Times building. The short film, “Angelino Mélange,” features a cooking demonstration paired with a robust conversation featuring Brian Tichenor, architect, Tichenor & Thorp; Chef Josiah Citrin of two-Michelin-star restaurant Mélisse and Michele Soon-Shiong, owner of the LA Times, on the diverse cultural connections that influence Angeleno design, architecture and culinary arts. In the film, the three share how LA melds together a wide swath of artforms, communities and experiences to create an incredibly vibrant place unlike any other American city. The film presentation was followed by a panel discussion featuring Brian Tichenor, Chef Josiah Citrin, Christopher Argentieri, President of the LA Times, and moderated by LA Times feature writer Lisa Boone. The panelists spoke on the diverse cultural connections that influence Angeleno design, architecture and culinary arts.

Gaggenau will hold several “Taste for Design” events across the country throughout 2022 and beyond. Planned locations include: Minneapolis; San Francisco; Weston, Conn.; New York City and Chicago. Events have been previously held in Joshua Tree, Cal.; Washington, DC and Norwalk, Conn. These gatherings provide an intimate glimpse into the private lives and living environments of top-of-their-craft talent as they explore the materials, ingredients, sources of inspiration, tools, spaces, locations and an individual commitment to pushing traditional limits to reach a perfect state.

Photos: Varon Panganiban