Huntwood Cabinets Design Contest Winners

November 27, 2022

Huntwood Cabinets recently announced the winners of their 2022 Design Contest. Open to all Huntwood kitchen designers and direct reps, entrants were asked to submit a short project description, project photos, floor plan and overall cost breakdown. Entries were evaluated for several criteria, including originality of the design; completeness of drawings, elevations and floor plans; the ability to overcome challenges during the design process and turn the customer’s vision into reality; and documentation of the design, construction and completion phases.

huntwood kitchen winner

First Place: Jason Crawley, Bend, Ore.
Door Style: Napoli
Wood Species: Rift-cut White Oak Color: Oasis
Island: Mission Door in “Dove” Paint Frameless Construction
For this new-build home, the emphasis is on function, symmetry and natural tones. The kitchen was designed in Huntwood’s Elements Frameless line, using natural wood veneer doors in rift-cut white oak. The contrasting island in “Dove” paint pairs beautifully with the organic feel of the light-colored wood. The standout piece of this award-winning kitchen is the custom steel hood with a patina, which adds an industrial vibe to the space.


huntwood cabinets

Second Place: Kristen Elliott, Seattle, Wash.
Door Style: Shaker – Color: Sherwin-Williams “Blue Seagrass” – Overlay: Flush Inset



Third Place: Josh Polvogt, Portland, Ore.
Door Style: Nantucket – Color: Parchment – Island: Nantucket Door in “Shoreline” Paint – Overlay: Full


modern kitchen wood cabinets

Honorable Mention: Amanda Helfer, Spokane, Wash.
Door Style: Custom – Wood Species: Black Walnut – Color: Mojave – Frameless Construction

The contest was judged by Huntwood’s department managers at the company’s annual leadership meeting. Ted Hunt, director of Huntwood sales, tells KBB, “Everyone was excited to present their submissions this year, and present they did! I was very impressed with not only the quantity, but also the quality of all the submissions. We have some very talented and proficient designers on the Huntwood team!”