IFDA’s Educational Foundation Announces Student Scholarships

March 6, 2023

Applications will be accepted between March 1 and March 31, 2023 for nine student scholarships from the Educational Foundation (EF) of IFDA, the International Furnishings and Design Association. Since the early years of this 76-year-old global design industry alliance, arguably the most diverse organization of its kind with membership that includes designers, media and marketers, EF has awarded scholarships to high-achieving design students as well as grants to talented professionals, internationally.  This year there are nine scholarships available for a total of $18,000. 

“These scholarships represent the future of our industry and confirm our belief in supporting students and enhancing public awareness of design through educational and philanthropic programs,” said Karen Dzendolet, chairman of the board of the Educational Foundation of IFDA.  

Applicants must be currently enrolled, and scholarships are paid to the school for the 2023 fall semester tuition.  Winners will be notified by July 31, 2023, unless otherwise stated.  Detailed information and application are available at www.ifdaef.org. 

The nine scholarships are as follows:

IFDA Leaders Commemorative Scholarship — $1,500. Open to currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate students; extra credit for volunteer work/leadership. 

Part-Time Student Scholarship — $1,500.  Open to undergraduate students. 

IFDA Student Member Scholarship — $2,000.  Open to currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate IFDA student members. 

Vercille Voss IFDA Graduate Student Scholarship — $2,000. Open to currently enrolled, full- or part-time graduate students.

Ruth Clark Furniture Design Scholarship — $4,000.  Open to currently enrolled, full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate students with a course emphasis on furniture design. 

Barbara Beckmann Textile Design Scholarship — $3,000. Scholarship established by the IFDA Northern California Chapter in honor of Barbara Beckmann, a textile designer and longtime California Chapter member and mentor to new members and students.  Open to currently enrolled full- or part-time undergraduates and graduate students with course emphasis on Textile Design 

IFDA Philadelphia Scholarship — $2,500. Scholarship established by the IFDA Philadelphia Chapter to reflect the rich history of design in Philadelphia and beyond.  Open to currently enrolled, two-, three- or four-year interior design or related program students.  Focus rotates annually among design in textile, graphic, furniture and interior design. This year’s focus is interior design.

Tricia LeVangie Green/Sustainable Design Scholarship — $1,500. Open to currently enrolled, full- or part-time undergraduate students.

Window Fashion Certified Professionals Fast Track Scholarship One Full Registration — $1,000. Open to currently enrolled, two- or three-interior design or related program undergraduate students. 

Applications for all 2023 EF scholarships will only be accepted during the month of March, with winners promised notification in July. For details, please consult the Educational Foundation website www.ifdaef.org. Or for answers to specific questions about these or any of EF’s other scholarships and grants, contact Earline Feldman, director of scholarships & grants, at ef.ifda@tapestries.org or 770-378-7221.