NAHB Announces Global Innovation Award Finalists

December 21, 2016

In its second year, the NAHB Global Innovation Award received entries from around the world, each showcasing the global home building industry’s most innovative products and services. NAHB has announced that judges have selected the following five finalists:

  • Dimplex North America – Revillusion 30 is a new electric fireplace design with an aesthetically pleasing brick interior.
  • Hillside Software Inc. – RealEstateBeacons are small, matchbox-sized Bluetooth transmitters designed by Google and Apple that have been adapted for real estate marketing and sales applications. When triggered, the devices become “silent salespeople” that can send to the consumer detailed information about the home, room and other features and benefits.
  • Timber Block – This company offers a patented and proprietary exterior wall insulation product that improves the resistance factor to a R-36 rating, providing more indoor comfort, energy conservation and monetary savings.
  • True North Log Homes – This creative log home builder researched and designed machine-coated pre-finished stains for logs to be used for exterior and interior construction of log homes.
  • Wellness Within Your Walls – An international series of four educational courses created to educate builders, developers, real estate brokers, architects, land planners, interior designers, engineers and consumers about improving indoor air quality and enhancing awareness of the correct building materials to use when remodeling or constructing new buildings.

“Each of the finalists brings a uniquely powerful product to our industry,” said Global Opportunities Board Chairman Roger Lyons. “It’s humbling to see what all of our Global Innovation Award entrants are doing to better the industry and we’re proud to provide this platform that recognizes their accomplishments.”

NAHB will present awards to the winner(s) during the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) on Global Industry Day, January 11, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the International Central.