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World Toilet Day – Ferguson’s Initiatives

November 19, 2023

This World Toilet Day, November 19, 2023, Ferguson asks homeowners to reconsider their relationship with an essential yet often overlooked household fixture: the toilet. This year’s theme, “Accelerating Change,” is a reminder of everyone’s role in promoting sanitation and sustainability.

Toilets, often taken for granted except during the purchase or breakdown, play a vital role in our daily lives and hygiene. Ferguson advocates for homeowners to adopt a proactive approach to maintaining their toilets. This World Toilet Day, the company highlights the importance of regular check-ups and repairs to ensure efficient, sustainable operation.

“Your toilet is more than a household fixture. It’s a cornerstone of modern sanitation and impacts the environment and public health directly,” says Melissa Hazelwood, Ferguson Cares director. “On World Toilet Day, we encourage homeowners to proactively maintain this essential home fixture. Regular checks and maintenance can make a significant difference.”

Ferguson compiled two comprehensive recommendations to aid homeowners. The first list focuses on simple, yet effective, practices to ensure toilets remain in optimal working condition. Ferguson’s second list highlights how homeowners can collaborate with skilled plumbing professionals.

Maintaining Toilet Health: Key Homeowner Behaviors

Regular Inspections: Scheduling routine check-ups with a professional plumber can prevent significant issues. Even if your toilet seems to function well, a professional can spot potential problems early.
Fix Leaks Promptly: A leaking toilet can waste immense amounts of water, leading to higher utility bills. If you notice any signs of a leak, such as water on the floor, a running sound or an unusual water bill increase, address it immediately.
Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaners: Harsh chemicals can damage plumbing and harm the environment. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the toilet and ecosystem.
Avoid Flushing Inappropriate Items: Toilets are only designed for human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper labeled as septic-safe, recycled and biodegradable are best because they have a better chance of dissolving completely. Flushing items like wipes, sanitary products and other non-degradable materials may cause blockages and unintentional damage.
Monitor Water Usage: Consider installing a low-flow toilet to reduce water usage. These models are designed to be efficient without compromising performance.
Educate the Household: Make sure every household member understands the importance of proper toilet use and maintenance. This includes not overloading the toilet and being mindful of what gets flushed.

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Ten Tips for Working Effectively with Plumbing Professionals

Selecting the Right Plumber: Homeowners should start by researching local plumbers, focusing on licensed people with a strong track record of quality service. Choosing a plumber with specific experience relevant to the home’s needs ensures more effective results.
Effective Communication: Clear communication about the issue is crucial. Homeowners should provide details such as the model and age of their toilet and any concerning symptoms. This information allows plumbers to better prepare for the job.
Routine Maintenance: Proactive maintenance is essential. Homeowners are encouraged to schedule regular checks with their plumber, which may prevent more significant issues down the line.
Preparing for the Visit: Ensuring that the area around the toilet is clean and accessible is a small but essential step homeowners can take to ease efficient work.
Engaging in the Process: Asking questions and engaging in the process can be very beneficial. When homeowners show interest in understanding their plumbing system, plumbers are often more than willing to share valuable insights and advice.
Discussing Upgrades and Efficiency: Homeowners interested in sustainability should discuss options for water-efficient toilets or upgrades with their plumber. Plumbers can offer recommendations that align with the latest in efficient plumbing technology.
Understanding the Costs: Requesting a detailed estimate helps homeowners understand the scope and cost of the work. A trusted skilled trade professional should provide a breakdown of labor, parts and any additional fees for transparency.
Valuing Professional Expertise: Homeowners should value and trust the expertise of their plumber. Professional recommendations are based on training and experience, guiding homeowners toward the best solutions for their plumbing issues.
Providing Post-Service Feedback: After the service, homeowners’ feedback is appreciated by the plumber and can also serve as a helpful guide for other community members seeking similar services.
Fostering a Professional Relationship: Establishing a relationship with a trusted plumber is beneficial for future plumbing needs. A plumber familiar with a homeowner’s specific plumbing setup can offer more personalized and effective services.

Ferguson’s initiative on World Toilet Day 2023 is a crucial reminder of the importance of proactive toilet maintenance and homeowners’ significant role in maintaining sanitation. By following these guidelines and collaborating with skilled trade professionals, homeowners can ensure their toilets function effectively, contributing to both the comfort of their homes and the sustainability of the environment.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ferguson