Consumer Views on Home Remodeling

October 1, 2020

A new survey conducted by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery explored how consumers’ view home design home remodeling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of their key findings:

Americans have many reasons for renovating or building a home, and COVID-19 is having an impact on which rooms they are looking to redesign.

Top reasons included they were tired of the home’s current style (35 percent), they wanted up-to-date technology (34 percent), or they were tired of the home’s color scheme. Almost half of Americans say based on their experience during COVID-19, they would like to redesign their bathroom (47 percent) and/or kitchen (44 percent). Only 12 percent say they are not planning to do any home remodeling or upgrades at this time.

Most Americans – especially the older population – would visit a showroom if they were to renovate or build a home. (39 percent are 18-29, 48 percent are 30-44 years old, 55 percent are 45-60 years old, 68 percent are 60+)

Seven in 10 Americans say it is extremely important to be able to touch and feel the appliances/fixtures in person before making a purchase decision.

Americans who own a second home, younger Americans and men are more likely to say that they would leave all the decisions to the professionals.

When looking at specific appliances, most Americans would change their stove/oven and refrigerator first in their kitchen and their shower and bathtub in their bathroom.

Women are more likely than men to say if they could renovate their kitchen, one of the top three things they would change first is lighting.

Many Americans like the idea of smart home functionality in their homes, particularly the kitchen.

Women are more likely than men to say it is not at all important to have smart home functionality in their kitchen products.

Almost half of Americans say if they were to remodel or build a home, access to whole-room product solutions would be most important to them when selecting new products.

Other aspects that would be important when selecting new products include dependable order delivery where and when you need it (41 percent) and the opportunity to see products in action (41 percent).

The full survey results from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery can be found here.