Designing Kitchen Projects Online

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December 3, 2020

By Maria Jesus Garcia

Our lifestyle is changing, and now we spend much more time indoors. The kitchen has not only become the social center of our home but also the workplace. And when it comes to renovating a kitchen, the process has also changed. In addition to visiting kitchen studios, consumers can also get a design done online. For a few years I have been doing it with success, but now with the restrictions going on, this system has taken on a new prominence in my business.

Thanks to all the tools we have – email, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom – you can make contact possible no matter where you are. The process is very simple: The client provides a plan of the kitchen or a bounded sketch along with all the necessary information. And within an agreed-upon deadline, the consumer receives floor plans, techniques, 3D designs, mood board inspiration and all the information each space requires.

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I value each design per square foot with a minimum price per project. Once the plan has been sent and approved by the client, I attach a budget and payment method options. When this is formalized, I start working on the details of the design.

The monitoring of the project is developed with fluent and close communication. The client has to perceive that behind the online content is a professional, and that I am working for them. The treatment must be the same as if they were a client we had in person.

But online design also has great advantages that I have always promoted:

• There are no established hours or agreed-upon appointments.
• The client can see the proposals calmly whenever they want – even after hours.
• The information the client needs about products, materials and kitchen furniture are just one click away.
• It’s easy to share images, links and interesting projects where the client can see inspirational notes or a certain element installed in another kitchen.
• There are no geographical limits. I develop projects anywhere in the world.

It is possible to develop kitchen projects online, and regardless of the situation we are experiencing, this system has come to stay, and it is good that we have yet another means to work on projects and grow our business.

Maria Jesus Garcia is an interior designer based in Spain. Her firm is Kansei Cocinas.