Let Us Entertain You

September 28, 2020

As a Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) Design Council Member, Joan Ravasy was tasked with creating a computer-generated kitchen design to highlight the company’s offerings. The designer, owner of Ravasy Design LLC in Lebanon, N.J., is one of 11 Design Council members who participated in the project, and all of the kitchens are featured in the new Signature Kitchen Design Guide, a resource for the design community. Ravasy had client in mind when she came up with the new kitchen, which is a mecca for stay-at-home entertaining.

SKS wine refrigeration

“With fresh food, meat and vegetables and wine available at the local market or delivered to the front door, this kitchen is designed for preparing meals for the family,” said the designer. Shown are SKS wine columns.

“The concept was to create and design a kitchen featuring SKS appliances in an all-inclusive environment that includes a dining and living area,” said the designer, who created the space with Isabel Jimenez Byrnes of Brynes Design Studio. “Our design is a multi-purpose living space with a focal point kitchen – going from breakfast for the family to dinner with friends.”

SKS cooking

Ravasy included several work stations so the family can enjoy cooking and prepping together productively. Shown is a 36-in. Sous Vide Dual-Fuel Range.

According to Ravasy, her kitchen was inspired by antique loft spaces with high ceilings and wide, open floor plans and features, as she says these structures are being revitalized as modern family homes.

“This computer-generated technology could not be timelier with the advent of COVID and the now ever-present virtual presentations,” she added. “This allows us to show projects to help clients visualize the finished space.”