Quick Tricks to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

June 28, 2019

When you live in a big city like we do in New York, space is a luxury. But you don’t need floor-to-ceiling windows, Central Park views or 5,000 square feet for your home to feel generous and spacious. One of my favorite challenges with nearly all of my clients in New York City is working with them to maximize their space.

Here are a few of my favorite quick tricks to instantly make a small home feel bigger:

Less is More: Small living room or bedroom? No problem. When it comes to selecting furniture, believe it or not, bigger is better! When you group lots of small pieces and knick-knacks, it makes the room feel small and cluttered. We suggest selecting fewer, large statement pieces – like the sofa, coffee table and dining table – to create the illusion of space. Place these thoughtfully to ensure the natural flow of energy (or “chi”) is not obstructed. With an open plan and large blocks of color, the room will appear larger, calmer and more comfortable.

Bounce It Back: Reflective surfaces instantly create the illusion of space. Place mirrors on dark walls that don’t get much natural light. Hanging mirrors strategically like this allows you to bounce light from windows and create the impression of more space. But be careful, mirrors have unique Feng Shui properties and should be positioned carefully.

Layer Your Light Sources: Light makes spaces feel larger and more accommodating. Use a few lamps to spread light evenly around a room instead of relying completely on one overhead light source. Multiple sources of light, in addition to sunlight during the day, really help make a home feel expansive. Using light colors on the walls and floors in conjunction with sheer fabrics will enhance this further and make any room feel airy and bright.

Position Carefully: Pull furniture out from up against the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness. Even just a few inches between the wall and larger pieces of furniture make a space look more open. Look for oversize art, and hang it up high. If you have tall ceilings, take your gallery wall right to the roof to elongate and extend the perception of the vertical space. Area rugs can be positioned to define spaces and pull the room together along the horizontal axis.

Utilize Storage Solutions: Last but not least, utilize hidden storage or multi-functional furniture to eliminate clutter. Baskets are a homey way to store blankets, towels and toys. If everything has a place that’s tucked away in a designated spot, you will keep surfaces clear and enhance clean lines. But remember, negative energy can build up in cupboards and closets too, so be sure to review and reduce regularly.