Smart Home Tech Tops List of Renovation Trends

October 17, 2022

An analysis of TikTok data by The Underfloor Heating Store reveals that of the trending home renovation projects, “smart home” topped the list.

Smart Home – 4.2 billion TikTok views

Turning a house into a smart home not only modernizes the abode but can also make life more efficient as well as bring down energy bills. With control over various elements of the home from the touch of a button, homeowners can turn off lights from the comfort of their bed, adjust their heating and cooling with a smart thermostat or even keep their home secure with a doorbell camera.

smart home renovation trends on tiktok

For homeowners on a budget, experts at The Underfloor Heating Store offer a couple tips:

Make simple changes. A home renovation project doesn’t need to involve ripping out full rooms and completely redesigning them. In fact, just a few simple changes or additions can make a huge difference to a room and make it feel brand new. Adding a patterned tile to the kitchen backsplash or adding a stair runner rather than completely recarpeting can be cost-efficient methods of giving the home a fresh look.

Rediscover the home’s original beauty. Trends come and go, so in the case of older homes, there may be hidden gems underneath modernized features. Perhaps the living room doesn’t need new flooring but the floorboards could be stripped to expose their original charm that has been hidden by layers of paint or carpet.