Spooky Spaces

October 26, 2018

With Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve had ghosts and ghouls on our minds. Most of us don’t worry about anything haunting our homes anymore, but almost everyone can remember a time when they did – whether it was a monster under the bed or a phantom in the attic. Houzz recently did a poll to find out what users remember as the creepiest parts of their home as children, and the results were definitely surprising!

n4c4c4: “Our Craftsman-styled house, though small, had a butler’s pantry between the kitchen and the dining room. There were swinging doors between the two rooms. It was dark and unused. It was just creepy.”

willozwisp: “Our basement was unfinished until my father decided to make a bedroom area for me and my brother. There were shadows through the windows at ceiling level when the moon was out, and there was always creaking and gurgling.”

DC: “I can’t remember ever being afraid of a room in either of my childhood homes. But fast forward 50 years and my new home of four years scared me. I don’t know why, but I used to hate walking in the dark from the family room through the kitchen, to the foyer and up the stairs to bed. Something about turning the corner of the foyer to start the ascent and looking back into the dark kitchen creeped me out.”

ladytenor: “Our old farmhouse when I was four had a steep staircase off the kitchen. It had a door at the bottom of the steps. My folks thought it was too dangerous to use, so they used it as a pantry, with hooks for outside clothes just inside the door. There wasn’t a light, so I found it scary and weird.”

conniewi: “The laundry chute, in the bathroom closet, was definitely the scariest part of my house.”

Kath A: “What really creeped me out was the claw-footed tub in my grandmother’s bathroom. Bath times at her house were not leisurely affairs; I couldn’t wait to hop out, dry off and get away from that animal!”

Carley Pierce: “I was so scared of behind the bathroom curtain. I wouldn’t go in the bathroom by myself because my brothers told me ‘bloody Mary’ lived there.”