Bosch Home Appliances Announces Product Integrations with Amazon

June 16, 2017

Bosch home appliances has announced two home appliance integrations with Amazon designed to simplify life at home for consumers. Through the Home Connect functionality and an Amazon Alexa skill, consumers can now control their Bosch Built-in Coffee Machine with Home Connect via voice control using the “Home Connect Coffee Machine” skill. Additionally, Bosch dishwashers with Home Connect are now integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment. Once enabled, Dash Replenishment will automatically reorder dishwasher detergent tabs when the dishwasher senses the supply is running low.

Home Connect, a cross-brand solution that enables smart control of connected home appliances, empowers consumers to make their everyday lives smarter and more intuitive in today’s fully connected world. Through the Home Connect App, consumers can operate and monitor select Bosch appliances remotely.

“We’re excited to be working with Bosch Home Appliances to make customers’ homes smarter and more convenient,” said Daniel Rausch, VP Smart Home at Amazon. “Now, connected Bosch dishwashers can reorder detergent tabs before they run out with Dash Replenishment, and brewing a frothy latte is as simple as asking Alexa ‘Ask Home Connect Coffee Machine to make me a latte.’ Smart homes should make customers’ lives simpler, and these innovations do just that.”

By combining the Bosch dishwasher tab counter function with Dash Replenishment, consumers will never again be faced with the “ran out of it” moment. Instead, they simply activate Dash Replenishment when setting up their dishwasher in the Home Connect App, then Amazon will automatically deliver the dishwasher tabs of choice the moment the dishwasher senses the supply is running low.

“We’re excited to offer new connected home appliances that make everyday tasks more convenient,” said Anja Prescher, director of brand marketing at Bosch home appliances. “As a brand that is ‘Invented for Life,’ working with Amazon was a natural fit and an incredible opportunity to deliver on our brand promise of providing simple solutions that add value to everyday life for our consumer.”

Bosch home appliances has worked on connecting home appliances in order to provide easy and intuitive “smart” control to consumers. Working with and integrating leading service providers into Home Connect’s open digital ecosystem allows Bosch to continually increase its IoT footprint as well as provide innovative features and services. Home Connect not only facilitates connectivity but also offers a range of beneficial applications that allow for a worry-free daily routine from doing the dishes to brewing coffee and remotely controlling the oven.

The 2017 Bosch collection of smart appliances with Home Connect includes a built-in coffee machine, dishwasher, laundry pair, wall oven and refrigerator and will expand further in the coming years. Additional Home Connect skills will soon allow consumers to operate a variety of appliance categories via voice control.