California Faucets Launches “Who Knew a Drain Could be so Beautiful” Video Campaign

December 2, 2016

As creators of the patented StyleDrain design, California Faucets‘ two new videos cleverly remind designers and consumers that a beautiful shower deserves a beautiful drain. The two live action videos, “Work of Art” and “Beautiful Baby,” were shot on location in Milan, Italy.

The first of the quirky and comedic videos, “Work of Art” is a 47-second production using the Louvre Museum as a setting to suggest that when it comes to masterpieces of art, StyleDrain is more popular than the Mona Lisa. In the video, a male tourist arrives at the Louvre excited to take a picture of the Mona Lisa, but to his amazement, the museum crowd is swarming around a different, apparently more admired piece of art. Curious, he elbows his way through the crowd to see what could be more mesmerizing than the Mona Lisa—it’s StyleDrain.

Overcome by the drain’s beauty, he joins the masses in shooting photos of the decorative drain, which is upstaging Da Vinci’s masterpiece. As the video’s focus moves to a still beauty shot of StyleDrain, the narrator’s voice-over intones that there’s no need to settle for ugly shower drains, “Beautiful showers deserve beautiful drains,” and StyleDrain is the answer.

In the second video, “Beautiful Baby,” which runs 52 seconds, a proud young mother is pushing a baby carriage through a park and stops to admire her little bundle of joy. Her loving gestures draw a small crowd, curious to see what the fuss is about. They too are smitten with the apparently beautiful baby in the carriage. The video then humorously reveals the source of all the “oohs” and “ahhs.” It’s not a baby—it’s StyleDrain. As in “Work of Art,” the narrator once again relays there’s no need to settle for an ugly shower drain when you can enhance the beauty of your bath design with StyleDrain.


“We wanted a fun and memorable way to let people know about StyleDrain,” said Noah Taft, California Faucets senior vice president of marketing and sales, who co-produced the videos with Italian filmmaker Federica Gregotti. “Shower drains have historically been utilitarian and their look has reflected it. But with StyleDrain they can replace the ugly and humdrum with a gorgeous drain that accents the entire look of the bathroom.”

California Faucets is launching the two new StyleDrain videos this month via social media and has plans to launch a 30-second version for local television commercials. Taft, a former writer and producer for film and TV, created and wrote both video scripts. He explains that the two new videos follow in the footsteps of “Tub Filler Fever,” a dancing tub filler video that went viral in the industry last fall and has appeared on television as commercials in dozens of select local markets nationwide.