Changes to the NKBA Certification Program

May 22, 2023

To recognize its members’ objectives and the needs of today’s design world in an ever-changing kitchen and bath industry, changes have been made to the longstanding NKBA Certification Program. This includes revisions to the CKBD program, the CMKBD program and changes program-wide. The NKBA remains one of the industry’s leaders in delivering the most current educational resources and certification programs for design professionals — and this restructuring is a reflection of the association’s commitment to provide its members with the information and education they need, today.

Changes to the CKBD Program


  • Participants must be an NKBA member to apply.
  • It’s FREE to apply.
    • Applications are accepted year-round (rolling)
  • The entire program is completed online (study material to exams)
  • Required exams are offered in the Spring and Fall period during designated times.
    • Exams do not need to be completed in any specific order.
  • Newly designed CKBD appellation digital image and certificates.

Changes to the CMKBD Program


  • Candidates must have maintained their CKBD status for six consecutive years before applying.
  • It’s FREE to apply online.
  • Once approved, candidates will have one full year to validate the Eligibility Requirements that fall under Education, Professional, Work Experience, Master Portfolio Review and Master Profile criteria
  • Newly designed CMKBD appellation digital image and certificates. 

Program-Wide Changes


  • Qualified candidates are based on education and work experience.
  • The NKBA has created a specific curriculum track for each type of qualifying candidate.
  • Purchase includes necessary coursework to complete the program and support by means of tutorials, instructional videos, practice exams, additional resources and much more.
  • Candidates may complete the program in 12 months or less.
  • Access to a Learning Management System(LMS) platform, separate from the NKBA website.
  • The educational curriculum is aligned with current industry standards.

To learn more about the NKBA Certification Program, click here for the original article on the NKBA website.

Photo credit: Prostock-studio/Adobe Stock