Connected Homes Are Coming

June 15, 2017

– Image courtesy of PwC

Ready or not – and it would behoove you to start getting ready – the connected home is here. According to a recent Statista report, the smart home household penetration, while only at 15 percent in 2017, is expected to hit close to 61 percent by 2021. And a 2017 study by Houzz & Homes indicates that close to 30 percent of homebuyers cite smart tech as a top priority in purchasing a new home.

More clients are wanting to incorporate this into their existing homes as well, but they need you – the design professionals – to educate them on what those options and opportunities are. The infographic above provides some scenarios to show you how the smart home functions, and there are many more possibilities.

If you’re not familiar with IoT (Internet of Things), now’s the time to get educated and stay ahead of the curve. Learn about all the ways your clients can simplify their lifestyle in their design, build and renovation projects by integrating smart tech. We as an industry need to be the experts in helping our clients add this element to their kitchens and baths. Though many IoT products haven’t reached market saturation yet, builders and designers should familiarize themselves with modern trends in residential technology to speak intelligently to the options available and best suited for their clients’ needs and budgets.

KBB magazine’s July/August issue will feature products and more information to help you take notice of today’s smart home market. It will also give an overview of the CEDIA 2017 Expo, which is dedicated 100 percent to residential technology. The show will give you concentrated access to the new products and breakthrough innovations in the smart home market, as well as educational content and the opportunity to meet and collaborate with experts in this industry.

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– By Brianna Morris & Chelsie Butler