Dwell and Monogram Team Up to Take Modern Across America

April 30, 2015

Understanding that design-savvy consumers and industry professionals can quickly become inundated with information about designing the hub of the modern home – the kitchen – Dwell and GE Monogram are bringing the experience to life through the Monogram Modern Home. Set in a custom Method Homes prefab, the Monogram Modern Home will allow individuals in markets across the country the opportunity to test-drive the latest Monogram home appliances.

Method Homes, partnered with Dwell and Monogram to build a custom 1,100-sq.-ft. home to showcase the features of Monogram’s newest and most popular appliances. Over the course of six months, the Monogram Modern Home will travel to key markets where Dwell and Monogram will host events, consumer tours with product demos and continuing education opportunities for the trade audience. The event series kicked off in Portland, Ore., in April and will travel to a new city each month, including Los Angeles at Dwell on Design on May 29, 2015, and then on to Phoenix, Dallas, and Austin, before concluding the cross-country tour in Boston in September.

“As arbiters of modern design and leaders in the industry, Dwell follows the behaviors of design enthusiasts and the success of the stickiest and most beloved brands worldwide,” said Michela O’Connor Abrams, Dwell president and CEO. “We’ve found that the most successful brands don’t just deliver superb products, they excel at providing outstanding experiences at every interaction with the consumer, whether through clever packaging, intuitive websites or thoughtful store design – 360 degrees of excellence. With the Monogram Modern Home, we’re bringing new life to the way consumers evaluate home appliances and creating an unmatched 360-degree experience that we know design enthusiasts are seeking and will enjoy.”