EGGER Announces New Manufacturer Door Program

June 25, 2022

It is now easier than ever to work with EGGER North America’s trend-forward decors for kitchen, bath, closet and storage projects with the company’s new Door Manufacturer Program. The program connects fabricators with EGGER’s trusted partners to offer pre-fabricated cabinet doors in a variety of styles and types, and allows for a complete look, from surface to edge with matching thermally fused laminate (TFL), laminates, edge banding, 3D laminate and door mouldings.

EGGER’s door manufacturer partners can produce shaker-style 5-piece TFL doors, TFL panel doors with applied MDF mouldings and wrapped 3D laminate (3DL) doors, all in matching EGGER decors. Modern slab doors can also be easily fabricated with Eurodekor TFL panels or PerfectSense lacquered boards, paired with matching edge banding.
With easy availability of pre-fabricated cabinet doors with EGGER decors, fabricators and designers can take advantage of matching TFL, which offers a cost-saving opportunity, to produce cabinet frames.

“TFL serves as an excellent wood-based solution for both cabinet doors and frames,” says Phillip McEwen, Jr., Head of Product Management for EGGER North America. “As a finished panel, it delivers significant material and labor cost savings versus laminates, which require application to a substrate, or veneers, which require finishing.”

Door partner manufacturers include Nexis3, Brushy Creek Custom Doors, JB Cutting, Georgia Hardwoods, Prestolam, and DÖRR Industries.

Additionally, EGGER’s Decor Match System makes life easier by offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for TFL and laminate decorative surfaces with matching edge banding. From solid colors to woodgrains and material reproductions, decors span across an integrated range of surfaces, with a matching line of TFL, laminates and edge banding, all manufactured directly by EGGER, for an ideal match in surface color and texture. Complementary MDF door mouldings and 3D laminates are also available from partner suppliers.