Eldorado Stone Updates Visualizer Design Capability

September 10, 2023

Eldorado Stone announces updates have been made to enhance the design and function of the brand’s Visualizer Tool. The interactive digital design tool can be used to generate design schemes with Eldorado Stone products by using preset sample scenes or by uploading users’ images. Users can also use the tool to access design reports, product information and dealer resources.

“Made to empower the creative process, this visualizer tool assists in comparing the wide variety of colors and textures in our stone and brick profiles in real time,” said Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing and product management. “Along with helpful product information and resources, the platform facilitates decisions among consumers and trade professionals, helping them make the best selections for their unique design visions and application needs.”

The Eldorado Stone Visualizer allows users to:

  • Choose from pre-set images depicting kitchens, baths, living spaces and exterior applications to help inspire those at the beginning of the design process.
  • Upload images to discover what each stone or brick profile looks like in their own homes or in client projects.
  • Play with a variety of product styles, colors and spaces to find the right design combination.
  • Access an auto-generated design report that includes product details, resources, project support information and where to find the nearest Eldorado Stone dealer.