Florim Publishes 15th Sustainability Report

June 14, 2023

Florim has published the 15th edition of its Sustainability Report, the document that transparently describes the economic, social and environmental results achieved in 2022 and presents the objectives planned for the near future. 

“I must first start by noting that on the economic and financial side, both Florim and the Fin-Floor Group have recorded their best results ever thanks to the strategic choices made in previous years and to the sense of responsibility, dedication and commitment that all the men and women working at Florim have put and continue to put into their work on a daily basis,” said President Claudio Lucchese in his letter to the Stakeholders. “Despite geopolitical instability, rising energy prices and uncertainty with respect to the future of the global economy in 2022, the group’s results were underpinned by growth in all sustainability indicators, showing significant performance and confirming the strategic importance it has always attached to these fundamental aspects.”  

The document reports on a year full of new projects. Topping the list is the opening of flagship stores in Paris and Rome in addition to the other Florim spaces in the international design districts, arriving at a total of 10 by the end of 2023. Also worthy of note is the first place earned in The Factory in the Landscape international competition promoted by UNESCO Clubs, for achieving ecological transition goals and respecting the landscape and environment. 

The financial results for 2022 featured a consolidated turnover of €584 million, up more than 22%, and investments of €152 million, a significant increase compared to the previous year. During the past 11 years, €58 million has been invested in environmental sustainability measures, of which around €8 million in 2022. 

With regard to the environment, in addition to the 129,388 tons of CO2 not emitted since 2012 (of which 18,346 in 2022), of particular interest is the launch of a decarbonization project that envisages measuring the impact of the company’s operations in order to implement a strategy of progressive emissions reduction. In 2023 the company launched an e-mobility pilot project for the transport of slabs between the Mordano and Fiorano plants, which, thanks to the use of electric trucks, will result in the avoidance of about 560 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The new 4.5 MWp photovoltaic plant in Mordano brings the company’s total output to 12.3 MWp of power from 64,000 square meters of installed panels. 

Initiatives in the area of social responsibility continue with a focus on employees and the local community thanks to the contribution of the Ing. Giovanni Lucchese Foundation. The chapter talks about measuring the impact of the Florim Health & Training Centre on doctors, employees and the local region (started in 2021). In 2022, the company celebrated 10 years since the launch of the Summer Camp project and initiated a collaboration with the MAXXI Museum in Rome. 

The impact report that the company draws up each year as a Benefit Corporation detailed the following objectives for the future: the renewal of B Corp certification, reduced consumption of water, raw materials and emissions, the installation of more solar panels and the definition of a new agreement with the Sassuolo Hospital for the benefit of employees and the local area.