GE Appliances Connected Ovens Work With Nest Protect

January 4, 2017

The scents of roasting, cooking and baking are never far away, but sometimes those scents can be accompanied by less appealing ones—smoke and burnt food. It’s not only displeasing to your nose, but also important to deal with immediately. That’s why GE Appliances now works with the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm to better detect fires in an oven and quickly alert the homeowners.

Nest Protect thinks, speaks and alerts you in real-time and on your phone when it detects smoke or CO. It also gives homeowners an early warning of an issue and lets them know where in the home smoke has been detected.


“Cooking should be an enjoyable experience, but we know that sometimes there are mishaps in the kitchen,” said Paul Surowiec, vice president, cooking products, at GE Appliances, a Haier company. “Our integration with Nest Protect helps us ensure that our connected oven owners are safer when cooking, especially when the oven is left unattended.”

By themselves, Nest Protect and GE Appliances connected ovens are great products. Together, they’re even more powerful in helping homeowners enjoy and benefit from smart home technology.

Once enabled, if Nest Protect detects smoke while the connected oven is on, GE Appliances will send a command to turn off the oven. The Kitchen app will then also receive a push notification, letting them know that the oven has been turned off.

If the oven is turned on and Nest detects you are away, Nest will send a command and GE Appliances will send a push notification to the connected user’s phone.

In addition to integrating with connected ovens, Nest Protect offers additional features:

  • Split-spectrum sensor uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast- and slow-burning fires.
  • App Silence allows homeowners to silence an alarm from their phones when everything is under control.
  • Product lifetime of up to 10 years offers worry-free use.
  • Safety Checkup allows homeowners to test the sensors, power, Wi-Fi connection, horn and speaker on all alarms, right from their phone.
  • Automatic speaker and horn sound tests once per month.

“The safety of loved ones is important to our appliance owners and to us,” said Liz VerSchure, vice president responsible for GE Appliances connected strategy. “Working with Nest Protect helps us ensure an enjoyable cooking experience that’s also safe.”

The integration with GE Appliances connected ovens and Nest Protect is available now.