How to Make Your Firm Appealing to the Staff You Seek

June 13, 2023

This article was originally published on June 13, 2023; it was updated on June 26, 2023.

In today’s competitive hiring atmosphere, we must get creative in learning how to make our firm appealing to qualified new employees. We find strong competition for the most competent candidates, therefore requiring us to put our best foot forward to attract a new hire. This means having an attractive compensation package in combination with a good work environment and a strong company direction. How to make your firm appealing? The following ideas would be helpful in getting to that next great employee.

Build Your Brand

Just like a prospective client finds your brand and recognizes that you value quality, professional and beautiful outcomes and reads your reviews, so will a prospective hire. You must have a strong brand the employee would want to work for and represent. To have the ability to demonstrate years in business and overall market performance versus your competitors is key. Create your brand message using your values and company culture, describe the company benefits and other available perks they may have access to, and, most importantly, find a common ground for the position to not be just a job but a fantastic career opportunity.

Targeting Talent

Make sure you look in the right places for new hires. Beyond social media and job ads, the best are always direct referrals from vendors and industry events. Don’t be afraid to put the word out on multiple platforms. A very good strategy has always been to recruit new college graduates and get to know the local apprenticeship opportunities. New talent is usually excited and can be trained to be a fantastic asset to the company.

How to Make Your Firm Appealing: Compensation Is Critical

When it comes down to it, pay and benefits are most important. Before you hire, make sure you have a sound offer that includes wages, profit sharing, 401k (retirement funding), health plans, vacations and a clear description of future opportunities to grow and develop professionally within the company. Salary must be on par with what the competition offers, so do a bit of market analysis to determine whether or not you are in a strong position.

Setting the Setting

Important factors these days include the work environment, the company culture, the projects the company produces, its reputation, who the new employee will be working with and in what space the new hire will occupy. (No one wants to work in a dirty office or dark environment.) Making sure the new hire can see a clear path for personal and professional growth and success is key to attracting that top hire.

Reward & Respect

Lastly, we must remember to be flexible to new ideas, give people the opportunity to be heard and let new hires know they are a key component of company success and culture. Everybody wants to be seen and rewarded for their efforts as an employee. Introduce them to current staff who can attest to the company culture and exciting projects and its cooperative environment. Make them feel instantly welcomed and let them know you support their success. During an interview, it’s always a good idea to ask about their lives and how they envision their future in your company. This always makes people feel your genuine care and interest in them.

Finding good and qualified employees in a competitive market is quite a challenge. Using the tips in this article about how to make your firm appealing will ensure your company attracts the talent you, your projects and your clients deserve.

By Nar Bustamante, founder and president of Nar Design Group

Photo credit: rh2010/Adobe Stock