Neolith Launches New Marketing and Branding Platform

February 6, 2022

Neolith is renovating its visual universe to make it more sophisticated and linear as well as more humanistic. It’s an image that reflects its global market-leading brand of Sintered Stone and the values and attributes that define the company’s forward-looking strategy.

This all-new image synthesizes values like passion, innovation, the capacity to create commercial alliances, a unique style and inspiration. A brand with heart that is courageous, committed and creative and which provides the ways to turn people’s aspirations and dreams into reality. A friendly, up-close, sustainable, trustworthy, versatile and original brand that sets trends and has the mission of becoming the leading brand in the creation of unique spaces. This complete evolution in values and attributes is reflected not only in the brand but also within the organization, in its market positioning and its close relationships with distributors, professionals and end users.

“We have a very clear purpose at Neolith which is to put end-use consumers at the center of our universe. Everything we think, do and say is for them. We want to help them create unique spaces and, above all, enjoy extraordinary experiences alongside Neolith,” said José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group.

“We want to continue inspiring architects, interior designers and end users, those who love cooking, design, fashion because that’s what fills us with passion. We want Neolith to be the brand that allows people to make their dreams come true by occupying a relevant place in so many special spaces,” added Oliver de la Rica, CMO of Neolith.

The new Neolith claim, “touch.feel.live,” proposes a journey through three verbs from the most tangible and experiential to the most sensitive and evocative. It’s a real declaration of principles that concisely and emotionally reflects Neolith’s purpose and personality so the places it helps create can be experienced to the fullest with the elegance, quality and exquisiteness inherent to Neolith. The essential balance between design and functionality aimed at the excellence and class it is known for.

The new Neolith look and feel has been created with lines and perspectives constructing the new logo as a starting point for a new visual and linear universe tied to the concept of design and functionality. It’s a spatial canvas used to build the brand language based on simplicity as well as a new elegant and sophisticated identity.

The new digital platform, inspired by fashion and design, has a unique feature that accounts for all Neolith audiences with more applications to offer added value to boost the brand to a higher level.