New App Brings Peace of Mind to Spa Owners

December 16, 2014

Hot Spring spas has introduced the Connextion monitoring system, a mobile app that allows the spa owner and the local dealer to monitor a hot tub and respond if there is an issue. The hot tub can be located at the owner’s main residence or time zones away at a vacation home, and the Connextion monitoring system will provide push-button control and real-time information.

The key benefit of the system is the dealer service available to Hot Spring customers through a yearly subscription. As part of the subscribed service, local dealers will receive alerts from the Connextion system when potential issues arise with the hot tub. Dealers can also monitor spa systems, alert owners of upcoming service needs and handle the necessary service whether or not the owner is near the spa. With a Connextion monitoring system, spa owners can set the spa’s temperature, initiate the clean-up cycle, lock the spa and monitor the spa’s active features.

“It’s natural that a spa be integrated into the connected home, delivering convenience and peace of mind,” said Kacy Rivers, Hot Spring brand manager. “Providing greater utility of the spa – so more people can enjoy the wellness benefits it provides – is one of our main focuses. For people who travel often or those who want to bring the joy of a Hot Spring spa to a vacation home, the Connextion system provides the ability to monitor the spa from thousands of miles away. The Connextion system makes a hot tub a viable option for these people, and the peace of mind the system and the local dealer provide is another way we deliver the very best hot tub experiences to our customers.”