New Videos from Best Bath Systems Provide Instruction on Shower System Installation

July 1, 2015

Best Bath Systems, a manufacturer of showers and tubs, introduces five videos that provide detailed and easy-to-understand instructions on installing a Best Bath shower system. Broken down by section of the shower—pan, wall, trim and tile—the videos are concise and useful for experienced and novice installers.

Each video starts with a list of what an installer will need in addition to what is included in the shower package. The videos are designed as a complement to the instructions that are included with a shower. The series includes two videos dedicated to the shower pan: low profile and standard, wood bottom options. The wall system video is designed to be viewed after the pan is installed and explains how to set the lower wall in place using the index tabs. Installers are encouraged to watch this video to see firsthand how Best Bath’s proprietary SnapJoint system is used. The final two videos detail how to install the trim and tile. 

“Watching our new videos will help ensure contractors are better prepared to properly and efficiently install Best Bath’s shower systems,” says Nate Jensen, national dealer sales manager for Best Bath. “Installers also will know what tools to grab prior to installation and what to expect during the process.”

The videos are available on Best Bath’s Vimeo and YouTube channels.