Smart Ceiling Fan Decreases Airborne Pathogens

November 5, 2022

Modern Forms reports that the ULTRA Smart Ceiling Fan with a patented system that combines an Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiating LED module with an air-circulating fan to decrease airborne pathogens in breathable air spaces, has now been tested to reduce the SARS COV-2 virus (which causes Covid-19 and its variants) and now, Influenza A (known to have caused flu pandemics).

An independent CAP and CLIA-accredited lab, Innovative Bioanalysis, has tested the efficacy of ULTRA, which uses patented technology that incorporates UV-C technology to reduce airborne pathogens to help safeguard indoor spaces. The testing conducted on the ULTRA fan, with the UV-C module enabled and fan operating in the standard forward rotation at the highest speed setting, showed a reduction of 99.99% of active SARS-CoV-2 and 99.77% of Influenza A viruses in the breathable air space after 30 and 45 minutes of operation of the system in a test room, respectively. These test results demonstrate the effectiveness of the Ultra Smart Ceiling Fan in reducing airborne pathogens indoors.

Designed with refined proportions and generous scale, enjoy its upscale aesthetic and air movement, ULTRA is available in the 54″ size with three finishes: brushed nickel housing with matte black blades, matte black housing and matching blades, and matte white housing with matching blades. The estimated airflow is 5200 CFMs with a 17-degree blade pitch.

The Energy Star-rated ULTRA utilizes a powerful DC motor inside that keeps things running smooth, quiet, and 70% more efficient than traditional AC fans. The fan is crafted with stainless steel hardware and ABS blades.

For unprecedented control, connect with the exclusive Modern Forms app via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world to create schedules. A scalable Bluetooth remote integrates seamlessly with leading smart home devices that will turn the fan on and off, change speeds, and reverse the rotation of the blades.

The ULTRA Smart Ceiling Fan is affordably priced for homes, businesses, and institutional clients alike and easy to install, operate, and maintain. The protective quartz glass above the UV-C Module is designed to make dusting or wipe down easy. ULTRA is in-stock at regional distribution centers throughout U.S. for quick and easy drop shipping.