Wood-Mode Launches Industry-First Integrated Lighting Program for Custom Cabinetry

December 12, 2016

When it comes to kitchen design, LED lighting has been on a strong and steady upswing in terms of kitchen trends. With 84 percent of renovating homeowners upgrading lighting fixtures in kitchen projects, there has been increased focus placed on undercabinet, incabinet and other cabinetrycentric lighting solutions. In fact, 74 percent of homeowners who upgrade kitchen lighting now incorporate undercabinet lighting, and 19 percent install incabinet lighting, alltime highs for both categories according to the 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

WoodMode, the leading manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry, has long recognized this increasing trend and in response has launched an exclusive integrated lighting solution. An industryfirst, the WoodMode Integrated Lighting Program featuring Häfele LED solutions is a collaboration between two industry leaders to meet and drive the growing demand for integrated lighting design. The program utilizes thvery best 12 volt, 3rd generation Loox LED options from Hafele. LED lighting is specified in 80 percent  of kitchen projects overall (according to the NKBA) and offers energy efficient, controllable, and discretillumination with unlimited creative possibilities.

For many consumers and designers, cabinet lighting has been considered either a limited “stock” experience, or an afterthought. The program goal is to assist WoodMode designers with planning, selecting, and configuring designs for LED lighting, including wire management, necessary drivers, and switches that are all required as part of a lighting application. The program makes it easier to offer LED lighting as part of a highend, custom cabinet installation.

A Seamless Design Experience

The WoodMode Integrated Lighting Program featuring Häfele LED solutions allows designers and homeowners to integrate high quality lighting concepts at the outset of the design process. While the process starts and ends with a WoodMode designer, Häfele supplies all lighting and components. Witmore than 90 years of developing, sourcing and manufacturing innovative products that reflect the dedication of the American craftsman, Häfele is a natural partner for the WoodMode brand.

How It Works

The primary objective of the WoodMode Integrated Lighting Program is to offer interior designers and homeowners a measured approach to incorporating a broad range of fully integrated lighting applications into its custom cabinetry and furniture pieces. This streamlined process includes three main steps:

1.  Design and order cabinets through one of 600+ WoodMode dealers throughout North America.

Custom lighting solutions are selected and ordered during this step, in addition to light ribbons, drivers, switches and other lighting components.

2.  Using Häfelesupplied schematics and materials list, installers have an informed plan for the plug

and play components. Recess profiles are preinstalled and wire paths are prerouted by Wood- Mode during the cabinet manufacturing process, in some applications.

3.  Cabinetry and lighting solutions are installed onsite concurrently, with lighting support provided directly from Häfele.

A Variety of Solutions for Consumers

WoodMode kitchens are designed with both framed and frameless cabinets, and a wealth of custom

features. In order to provide the same level of customization for cabinetry lighting, WoodMode has developed a comprehensive roster of complementary solutions that illuminate WoodMode’s meticulously designed cabinets inside and out. These include:

Interior Cabinet Lighting

Glass door interior lighting

Interior cabinet pullout lighting

Corner cabinet lighting

Drawers & Shelf Lighting

Drawer lighting with light bar

Deep shelf storage lighting

Shelf lighting

Open display cabinetry

Under Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting with puck lights

Task lighting with integrated light bar bridging multiple cabinets

Floating cabinet lighting

Accessories and Other Applications

Fascia accent lighting

Toekick lighting

Vanity mirror frame lighting

Wardrobe pole lighting

Integrated Light Operation Switching

IR door sensor switching

Mechanical door switching

Remote, programmable switching

Added Benefits

While the WoodMode Integrated Lighting Program provides consumers with the best possible combination of American craftsmanship and design diversity, it also offers practical advantages over

traditional lighting solutions. LED lights have an extremely long service life, are durable, and use 90% less power than conventional light bulbs. Thanks to this low power consumption, LED lights generate little to no heat, yet are bright and produce a saturated light color. Combined with other tried and trusted

Häfele components, including drivers, switches and aluminum profile, the WoodMode industryleading program featuring Häfele LED lighting provides a breakthrough solution for the custom cabinetry world.