Nemo Tile + Stone Hires Client Service Specialist for New England Region

December 20, 2017

Nemo Tile + Stone announced the company’s latest hire, Shiva Parvaresh, client service specialist working in the New England region. Parvaresh will be working closely with Steven Wallace, Nemo’s director of specifications in the area, to engage with clients, liaise with Nemo’s New York City-based teams and coordinate events for local clientele in the architecture and design community. Parvaresh will work with clients of all types to ensure positive relationships, effective communication of the Nemo brand and to manage project deliverables.

Drawn to Nemo by President and CEO Matt Karlin’s vision for the future and passion of his team, Parvaresh is excited to bring her dynamic personality and wide range of interests to her new role. Previously an interior designer, she has also led luxury product merchandising for a major retailer, where she became well versed in product design, sales, customer service and strategies to expand into new markets – all key aspects as Nemo broadens its presence in New England. Parvaresh’s people-focused approach has driven her success in sales and client relations, while her inquisitive mind will help her explore untapped market potential for Nemo.