TandemLED is Human-Centric Lighting

September 1, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way people view their living spaces. We are spending more time at home working, playing and relaxing. Designers are increasingly challenged to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also healthier. A growing body of research shows that light exposure impacts our health, mood, cognition and more. Designs that incorporate human-centric lighting (HCL) are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. HCL is the art of creating lighting that mimics natural daylight, which defines the rhythm of our bodily functions. HCL can also help alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). TandemLED™ from Task Lighting® is tunable white light that can be programmed to mimic natural light rhythms to help people perform better in daily life and sleep better at night.

Schedule to the Rhythm of Life

TandemLED enables users to customize light temperature and dimming level on a schedule that is aligned to the body’s circadian rhythm. The schedule can be fine-tuned to have the brightness increase incrementally on a scale from one to 100 so the change is subtle and constant, like natural light changes throughout the day. For example, early risers may want to start the day at dawn with lighting set to a soothing warm white 2,700K temperature and 50% brightness and then set the schedule to increase the brightness to 80% and adjust the temperature to a soft white 3,000K in the mid-morning. As the day progresses, the light increases to full brightness while the temperature adjusts to daylight white 5,000K at mid-day when the sun is typically at its height. In the afternoon, the schedule can be set to slowly decrease the brightness and light temperature, ending the day with dim, warm white light that signals the body it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep.


At any time during the day, TandemLED can be adjusted using a simple wireless remote, a smart home app or voice commands to a smart speaker from leading manufacturers, including Google, Amazon and Apple. There is no special app to update or complicated programming to learn with TandemLED. Simply add TandemLED lights to your existing smart home app, and you can control the lights with ease. For example, Amazon users can add TandemLED to their Alexa app and use an Echo smart speaker to control the lights with voice commands. It’s simple and convenient for users of all ages.

Feel-Good Lighting

Human beings need light to regulate their biological and physiological health. Without sufficient light on a daily basis, people can experience negative effects on their mental health. SAD is a medical condition that causes people to experience symptoms of depression due to lack of light exposure. SAD commonly affects people living in Northern regions where fall and winter bring shorter days and grayer skies. Millions of people are diagnosed with SAD annually, and countless more suffer milder symptoms. HCL helps to combat SAD. Even those who are not impacted by SAD or other light-related mood disorders benefit from HCL. While researchers work to quantify the wealth of anecdotal evidence, designers are at the forefront of incorporating these light features into their designs and helping their clients enjoy healthier lives in their homes.

Easy Installation

TandemLED’s patented two-wire technology makes it easy to install an HCL solution. TandemLED tape kits include LED lights, a WAV Smart Receiver and a Power Supply with a two-prong standard plug, easy screw-down connectors, a wireless controller with decora plate for optional wall mounting and connection wire. TandemLED puck lights and linear fixtures can also be purchased and connected to the WAV Smart Receiver. TandemLED tape lights give designers flexibility to create a dramatic, custom look for undercabinet lighting and toe kicks. Puck lights can be used in cabinets or above countertops to create workspaces ideal for kitchen tasks such as prep work and cake decoration.

The lighting specialists at Task Lighting act as free personal design assistants who provide design services and technical support. They are an excellent resource to help you incorporate TandemLED HCL into your next project. Contact them at (866) 848-9094 or visit TaskLighting.com.