DuPont Corian Design and “Designing Spaces” Transform Training Facility for Oscar Mike Foundation

December 14, 2018

Since its inception in 2011, the Oscar Mike Foundation has stood for keeping injured veterans on the move. Founded out of the necessity to give injured veterans the ability to participate in adaptive sports despite high costs, the Oscar Mike Foundation offers a range of heart-pumping activities adapted to the needs of injured veterans while providing them with the financial support to do so.

At the center of the action is the 9,000-sq.-ft. Oscar Mike Compound and training facility located in suburban Rockford, Illinois. The compound can host up to 17 athletes at a time in a warm home environment while providing access to athletic training facilities and sports. During their time at the compound, the athletes form strong bonds and build a sense of camaraderie while engaging in daily activities and participating in outdoor sports including, kayaking, water sports, sky diving and flight lessons. The compound also is home to the only all-veteran rugby league — the Oscar Mike Militia.

“We wanted to help provide a space that could both function to the unique needs of the veterans participating in adapted sports and provide a beautiful environment for healing to occur,” said Julie Eaton, vice president and general manager for Corian Design.

The Corian Design team worked with celebrity designer Jennifer Bertrand, a “Designing Spaces” regular, to give the kitchen and bath areas a new design while upgrading important functionality and ensuring ADA compliance.

“My vision for the space was to create an environment that felt like a hug to the soul,” Bertrand said. “I used warm colors and soft yet durable materials to create a space that better functioned for these veterans.”

“I selected a warm gray material palette integrating both DuPont Corian Quartz and Corian Solid Surface throughout the kitchen and bathroom to create a seamless and durable environment that can stand up to wear and tear,” she added.

The kitchen features a large island in Corian Quartz that acts as a gathering space when preparing meals for guests to enjoy together. The Corian Quartz used throughout the kitchen integrates seamlessly with the Corian Solid Surface sink and features a leathered texture which offers a soft sheen and sophisticated look. The upgraded bathroom includes an accessible shower and vanity clad in the Corian Solid Surface Neutral Concrete which makes the bathroom easy-to-clean and resistant to mold.

The “Designing Spaces” episode aired on Dec. 4, 2018 on Lifetime.