Agape Bloque Countertop and Storage System

July 30, 2023

Patricia Urquiola has designed the Bloque countertop and storage system for Agape. The exploration of materials, initiated with Cenote, continues with Bloque as Urquiola enhances the sensory allure of stones and woods while maintaining a visually open and compositionally rigorous approach. The design rhythm is defined by juxtaposed and perpendicular tops, creating an original staggered movement between surfaces.

Bloque showcases modularity, offering widths ranging from 80 to 220 cm with intervals of 20 cm. The compositions suggested by the range can also be seamlessly combined by simply juxtaposing them, allowing for the creation of even wider configurations. This versatile system can accommodate all Agape countertop washbasins and, thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, can be placed in various rooms of the house or even in contract spaces.