ARAN World Bathroom Collection

January 18, 2023

ARAN World has launched the Bathroom Collection, which offers the evolution of a space fully dedicated to well-being and intended to contend with the tensions of the often chaotic contemporary lifestyle.

The bathroom concept designed by ARAN World brings this space closer to a relaxation area by enriching its furniture with functionality and aesthetics. Hence the choice to create an essential line to express – as in the Zen culture – a “way of being” in balance with itself and the surroundings — a stability that finds its visual and formal match in the combination of different materials capable of transforming the room in a dimension in which it is possible to breath serenity.  

ARAN World encompasses a determination to create solutions embracing and satisfying people’s needs at home. ARAN has introduced in the new catalog and production of furnishing elements for the bath area in a direct response transformation without ever forgetting the company focus: the kitchen.