Banker Wire S-12 Fine Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

September 24, 2023

Banker Wire’s S-12 Fine Woven Wire Mesh Pattern is architectural wire mesh that uses embossed technology on a small scale, creating a tight-knit pattern with a low percentage open area and with a woven crimp style. Secondary finishes, such as a powder coat or decorative plating, bring out the beautiful texture of the offering. The low open area of the woven wire mesh pattern S-12 lends itself well to surfacing, cladding and other applications, such as cabinets, where partial coverage is key. At 21.6%, only subtle glimpses will be perceptible through the mesh. Embossed and highly faceted, the highs and lows of this distinctive weave are more defined in plated and powder coat finishes.

Photo credit: By Design Interiors Inc.: Senior Interior Designer, Ayca Stiffel