Hastings Tile & Bath Tricot Vanity

May 2, 2023

Hastings Tile & Bath has announced the introduction of Tricot, a new vanity and storage collection. Tricot is a modular collection featuring four distinct fluted paneling sections. The series allows ample opportunities for customization of size, color, finish and material, and style of sink. Additional wall storage units are also available.

Three of Tricot’s fluted patterns, as well as the flat panel style, are handmade of real oak veneer, providing a durable and natural modern look. The fourth fluted style is available in Hastings’ newly launched range of 20 current-yet-timeless colors with a matte lacquered surface finish. Notably, a tone-on-tone look can be achieved by matching solid-surface or glass countertop colors to matte lacquered cabinet fronts.

Tricot countertops are available in several materials — glass, solid surface, high-pressure laminate and porcelain. Glass countertops come in Hastings’ new 20 colors, either matte or glossy. Solid surface countertops are available in the same 20 colors, either textured matte or flat gloss. Countertops also come in 14 high-pressure laminate options that possess the look of wood or stone. And lastly, a palette of 16 porcelain offerings is also available, each in one of four surface finishes – Lucido (glossy), Opaco (matte), Goffrato (embossed and textured) or Ardesia (Slate).

Tricot can be made as either a single or double vanity, and with regard to sink styles, options are plentiful. New vessel sinks made of matte white solid surface are available — round or rectangular — on all countertop materials. Glass countertops allow for matching integrated basins in two styles.

Gloss solid surface tops offer integrated sinks in four styles with multiple drain options. Also available for matte white solid surface tops is the new, integrated Contour Sink, where the countertop smoothly curves downward to form a basin. Textured solid surface tops allow for an integrated sink with smooth matte inner basins, providing a subtle visual and tactile contrast. Integrated sinks are also available for both porcelain and high-pressure laminate countertops.  

Tricot, as well as Hastings’ collections Class and Urban, offer optional floating countertops with sinks that can be installed in accordance with ADA guidelines, while also offering usable storage solutions for the entire family. In designing the vanities, Hastings gave attention to the need to accommodate aging in place bathroom design.