July 22, 2009

Think vertical with your medicine cabinet! Robern’s
new Uplift mirrored cabinets feature a door that opens upward, offering
the look of a seamless mirror while still incorporating storage,
outlets and lighting. By designing the doors to lift vertically, the
mirror can span up to 4 ft. wide. An aluminum handle allows the door to
be opened and a position-hold feature keeps it in a partially open
position if needed. A flexible organizer shelf with movable
compartments can be adjusted to meet each user’s needs, while an
optional mount for an LCD television can be inserted for those that
like to catch the news in the morning. The cabinets are available in
widths of 30, 36 and 48 in. with a height of 27 in. and a depth of 6
in. For a cohesive lighting solution, Uplift pendants and wall sconces
can be specified.