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Scarabeo DecorArt Washbasins

July 19, 2022

Marble is a source of inspiration for Scarabeo‘s newest collections as part of its DecorArt project, an experimental journey that exploits the technological values of the new digital standards, reaching amazing results and proposing three new finishes inspired by the beauty of marble. 

Black marble, white marble and travertine marble, with their classic and refined nuances, are the new decorations that transform ceramics into a material of high aesthetic value, which can be hardly distinguished from the original stone. This is made possible by the decal technique, in which the supports applicable to ceramics and treated with chemical materials are melted with a second firing at a temperature between 800 and 1,100 degrees, allowing the material to melt with the ceramic enamel and become an integral part of it. With this process, the decoration can withstand water and stress with the same mechanical resistance as traditional ceramic enamel. It is a reliable treatment that maintains its characteristics over time.

Four Scarabeo collections are enriched with the new DecorArt patterns: the Teorema 2.0 collection with essential design and thin edges; the wide family of Glam washbasins with gentle and elegant lines; the entire Moon series, which stands out for the width of the bowl and the lightness of the edges; and the Diva bathroom furniture collection, which, in addition to being designed to accommodate the Moon washbasins, is also provided with the marble finish shelves for a high-class visual impact. 

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