Strasser Woodenworks

January 4, 2018

Strasser Woodenworks introduces the new Belltown bath vanities. Designed to look like an exquisite chest of drawers, the vanities are an expansion of the original Belltown series. Now available in larger sizes with double the drawer space, the vanity’s six storage drawers put bathroom necessities within easy reach, but a built-in access door also makes plumbing easily accessible when maintenance is necessary. Strasser Woodenworks incorporated a special access panel into the design, making it far simpler to get to pipes and plumbing for maintenance. Concealed by drawer fronts when drawers are closed, the center panel offers easy-open access when needed and keeps pipes otherwise hidden from view.

Belltown vanities come in four door styles (Slab, Shaker, Deco Miter, and Ogee Miter) and are available in 15 state-of-the-art furniture finishes. A myriad of handle and hardware possibilities complete the desired look. The Belltown vanities are also available without plumbing fixtures as a coordinating bureau. These, plus a Belltown linen closet, provide the option of matching components in a master suite or walk-in closet.

Joining the original 24-, 30-, and 36-in.-wide Belltown designs, the addition to the Belltown Collection come in 42- and 48-in. widths.