Antoniolupi Wave Sink

July 29, 2022

Lightness and solidity meet in Wave, the new marble sink that marks the first collaboration between Antoniolupi and the Fuksas architectural studio. Fluid, light, sculptural — these are the adjectives that describe the Wave sink. A noble and ancient material, marble is interpreted here with an original and contemporary look. The artistic vision of Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, combined with the experience of Antoniolupi, reduces the thickness of the material, making it light as a sheet of paper. A fluid and dynamic sign that seems to flow like a wave, without however betraying the identity of the material. Further emphasizing the purity of Wave is the use of Carrara marble, a natural, candid and luminous material, protagonist in several projects by Antoniolupi.

The sink is solid and sculptural like a monolith of marble, elegant and sinuous like a precious fabric, disruptive and capable of closing itself, unleashing all its strength like a wave breaking on the shoreline. The energy of water finds an evident expression in this sink, a nature accentuated by the two flaps that do not overlap perfectly at the end, generating a practical support system for hand towels.

The perfectly smooth surface of Wave is the result of the craftsmanship in marble processing and the use of advanced machines, placed at the service of man to translate ideas and projects into masterpieces that alone characterize a space with style and luxury.The natural shades of the material make each freestanding sink unrepeatable, giving it an exclusivity that transfers to the whole environment.