Fir Italia Nohea 77 Faucet

August 31, 2022

The new Nohea 77 faucet, designed by Francesco Lucchese, Fir Italia’s art director, expresses extreme technical precision, care for details and an homage to cylindrical shapes, with the intrinsic value added by craftsmanship. The three-hole collection is complemented by an extremely rich range of combined finishings, featuring color schemes and contrasts that are far from commonplace. Two-handle mixers with an essential cylindrical design, fitted with handles, enriched with a finely worked central element, which provides the opportunity for creating endless two-color finishings collected into families. The catalog includes 24 combinations of finishings divided into 12 families. All possible combinations are available for the contract sector – on request – for a total of 576 different outfits (color combinations). 

The Nohea 77 faucet from Fir Italia has a green twist that ensures a reduction in water consumption of around 50%.