Graff Vintage Brushed Black Finish

May 16, 2022

Graff introduces polished chrome and vintage brushed black finishes to its Topaz Collection, a tribute to the dazzling international designs of Art Deco. Inspired by the avant-garde creations of the Art Deco era, Topaz sparkles with aesthetic appeal. With Art Deco resurging and reaching new peaks of popularity in interior design, Topaz embodies the movement’s most striking elements.

The collection’s jewel-shaped handles, curved, streamlined spouts and octagonal bases recall the details of exquisite Art Deco pieces. The Topaz Collection embodies Graff’s cutting-edge, artistic philosophy. The new polished chrome finish gleams, enhancing its surroundings and creating a sense of radiant harmony and luxury. The vintage brushed brass finish evokes an aura of rich heritage and precious heirlooms.