Kohler x Arsham Rock.01 Vessel Sink

December 24, 2021

Kohler’s newest collaboration with renowned artist Daniel Arsham is the Kohler x Arsham Rock.01 3D-printed Vessel bathroom sink. The limited edition 3D-printed sink brings together references of the natural world and Kohler’s innovative 3D-printing technology, as well as heritage foundry techniques. The collaboration is part of Kohler’s Artist Editions legacy, and Rock.01 is crafted in Kohler, Wisc.   

The Kohler x Arsham Rock.01 3D-printed sink features an asymmetric vitreous china basin, made using the latest innovations in 3D-printed ceramics that Kohler has been developing during the past three years, perched on a cast brass ‘rock’ with a patina finish. The sink’s walls are printed layer by layer, a modern-take on the traditional coil-building technique, a continuous printing process that takes 7.5 hours.

The coordinating brass piece required a similarly lengthy production process. Like its counterpart, it begins with a 3-D -printed mold, marked with the Arsham Studios logo. Craftspeople in Wisconsin then handcast each piece, later sending it through a lengthy chamber vapor patina process to arrive at its intended coloring. The method of 3D-printing with clay used for the vitreous basin is at the forefront of innovation for the industry, and Arsham’s unique design is only possible to produce because of this new technology.